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Station Codes, Indian Railway Station Codes

Indian railways offers their passengers to book train tickets online. While booking tickets online, be it IRCTC website or any other booking sites, many times passengers has to look for station codes. The boarding and destination station codes are necessary to be fill in the railway reservation form.

When you fill the form you need to enter some of characters of your desired station and sometimes it gives you correct station code. But sometimes you might get wrong station code or any other station code which might lead you to wrong destination.

Indian Railway Station codes

So it get necessary to enter right station code to be able to book right ticket for your self. Keeping this in mind here we will try to put up station codes with station names. For e.g. Gorakhpur Station code will be GKP. Likewise Igatpuri station code will be IGP, HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN station code is NZM etc.