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Flight PNR Status

Are you someone who wants to check their flight PNR Status. Here you can find all the related links & information so that you can check your flight status. Here are some of the very famous Flight services which operate in India and Abroad. One can check his/her flight PNR Status through these links.

Why Checking Flight Status is essential?

PNR is a short form for Passenger Name Record and it is connected to a particular flight ticket reserved by airline company. It is an alphanumeric code to know passenger’s data which is been stored by the airline company while he books the ticket. Whenever you book your flight from any air carriers, you’re given a flight ticket PNR number inside your ticket much like Railways PNR number, that you can use to check on and ensure the present status of the reserved ticket. It is simple to look into the PNR status of the flight ticket here on this web site or around the official website from the particular air carriers.

Domestic & International Flight PNR Status:

Following are the links to check the PNR status of your domestic or international flights:

Domestic (Indian) Airlines International Airlines
Air India American Airlines
Spicejet Airlines Air France
Go Air British Airways
Vistara Emirates Airlines
Indigo Lufthansa Airlines
Air Asia India Singapore Airlines
Alliance Air Etihad
Trujet Saudia Airlines

Steps to check on your PNR Status:

The PNR number is generally can be found on the top side of your ticket and you can use it to determine the current booking status of the airfare tickets.

  1. Enter your PNR number within the given area on the airline’s web page from you have booked your ticket.
  2. Click on the “Get Status” or similar button.
  3. Flight Status will be on your screen.

When your ticket will get confirmed, you will get the confirmation symbol within the status.

Other FAQ’s About PNR

Numerous PNR: You might have numerous PNR numbers in case you have over 1 flight or in case there are numerous passengers on your booking.

Visa consequences: In case of multiple PNR you may have to visit the transit zone of the airport.

Refund implications: Airline refunds are processed by PNR, that’s precisely why your refundable amount might be shown per PNR.

What if I can not locate a PNR in my e-ticket?
Do not Worry, it usually means your booking was created but the carrier has not Issued your PNR amount yet. You should Get a brand new e-ticket together with the PNR amount within one day.