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Why It Is Necessary To Check PNR Status Of Your Rail Ticket?

If you are traveling in Indian railways, you must always ensure that you check the PNR status of your rail ticket in advance. Fortunately, the railway department has maintained a quick service for checking of PNR number. Take a look at some reasons to check your PNR status in advance for your next train travel.

1.       When your ticket is on the waiting list: You booked your tickets some months back and were enlisted on the waiting list. Checking on PNR status will help you understand whether you can travel on the particular date or not. Remember that booking status changes every minute, so keep checking when the traveling date is near.

2.       When your ticket is in RAC: RAC refers to reservation against cancellation. With a RAC ticket, you can travel with another co passenger by sharing a single seat. In general, RAC tickets that are booked months ahead get confirmed without much hassle. However, the confirmation is much dependent on the rush and route. In case, you have a RAC ticket, ensure that you check the PNR status to find if the bookings are confirmed. Also, you need to know the RAC seat number allotted to you before traveling. In case, you ticket is confirmed, you can find the same at the time of boarding.

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3.       When your ticket has been upgraded: You may find that your train ticket has been updated while you have not been intimidated for the same. Although, upgrading of tickets not a new thing in Indian railways, most people get confused at the last moment. You can get assured about your seats before you travel by checking the PNR status. It is pertinent to mention that charts for confirmed travelers are prepared four hours in advance. As such, what you find as the status in your PNR checking in the last couple of hours is the final status.

4.       When you cannot find your name in the chart: There are times when you cannot find your name on the charts after arriving at the station. In such cases, either your ticket was never confirmed or has been upgraded. The best way avoid confusion is to take your mobile and check the PNR status with a single SMS. Whatever you get as the status is the final status.

5.       When you are in hurry: Consider the situation when you are traveling on a new route for the first time or are arriving late at the station. In such times, there can be confusion in finding the coach and charts. What you can do is check the PNR status on the platform either through automated machines or through your mobile and get the position of your ticket right way.

There are many situations when travelers suffer because they are not aware with the traveling norms of Indian railways. Having the PNR status with you helps in resolving issues you may with passengers who are occupying your seat or claim to be the confirmed for the seat.