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Consider For Auto Up-Gradation Meaning While Booking Ticket

Many times while booking train tickets via IRCTC or by windows, you’d have notices a “consider for auto upgradation” check box within the reservation form – in online and also on the manual paper reservation forms.

Unusually people don’t know about ‘consider for auto upgradation’ option on IRCTC website whenever they book a ticket. Today we’ll explain at length just what it all about and why you need to take a look option during the time of booking an e Ticket.

What exactly consider for auto up-gradation mean?

It’s victory-win plan created by railway in the year 2006. Think about this situation inside a train: Top of the class coaches has seats lounging vacant as the lower class has wait-listed people (even tickets cancelled because of chair unavailability). In beginning this plan was implemented only in couple of selected trains but having seen the effective result the Secretary of state for Railways made the decision to apply this plan in most the trains in 2007 fiscal year.

If you’ve elected for that ‘auto upgradation’, your wait-listed ticket is recognized as for “auto upgradation” to another available upper class chair (when the upper class is under reserved). The good thing is, you’ll not be having to pay any extra fare for that upgrade. It’s free of charge.

So it may be stated that “Consider For Auto Up-gradation” is all about allocating a BERTH in greater class if chair is vacant there. For instance For those who have reserved an e ticket in SL class and you’ve got selected the choice Consider For Auto Up-gradation but determination effective payment you have the Waiting ticket then during the time of departure date from the selected train you can find the berth in greater class 3AC class if available.

So how exactly does Railways take advantage of this plan? Well, they’re accommodating more ‘paying’ people within the lower class , equal in quantity of the otherwise not-reserved seats of greater classes.

Obviously you will find a couple of other concerns.

Chair should is available inside a greater class during the time of ‘Chart Preparation’ (railway’s parlance of closing lower all reservation activities, and also the final passenger list is printed)

The immediate lower class must have non concession fare compensated wait-listed people, elected with ‘auto upgradation’. The issue is simply the full fare compensated ( concession fare compensated people not considered) WL people are thought for upgradation.

The next time, just take a look the box and check it, while booking your ticket through IRCTC or other modes within the train.