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5 Best Way to Know Your Train Chart Preparation Time

Want to know if your ticket is confirmed or not? Train Chart Preparation Time plays very important to know it. So here few tips so that you can know your railway chart preparation time and whether your ticket has given you seat in your desired train or not.

The chart preparation of train is usually based on its departure time, for each train Chart preparation time differs and in addition it is dependent on whether train departure time is within morning or evening. Usually for those trains , chart is ready 4-6 hrs before its schedule departure from Origin station.

What is Chart means in Indian Railway?

A train chart is listing of travelers which have reserved seat with that train their particulars like Name, Gender, Age and station of boarding and destination. Additionally, it contain Coach and seat quantity of passenger with confirmed ticket and RAC. This chart is generally copied and pasted on notice board of the train platform or at the coach.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Know Your Chart Preparation Time:

1) If You are Traveling By Super-fast, Mail Express or Rajhdhani?

For super-fast, Rajdhani and mail/express trains Chart is prepared 2-4 hours before departure of Train. For trains leaving in the morning, 12 hours before departure and for trains running from different places, 2-3 hours before departure.

2) Know Time Of Your Train:

It’s all purely depends on the trains departure time & station. Let’s have an assumption, If ABC train leaves chennai central early morning @6am, the chart will be prepared 5 to 6 hrs prior departure . If, around 11am, the chart will be prepared 2 to 3 hours before. So the average time of chart preparation would be around 3 to 4 hours Before.

Chart Preparation Time

3) Check With Your PNR Number:

You can always know your chart is been prepared or not with Your PNR Number Given on your ticket. Just enter it on our site and know instantly whats the status of your seat and chart is been prepared or not.

4) Make a Call:

You can make a call on 139 and know the status of your Chart Preparation.

Man calling 139

5) By SMS:

SMS your PNR Number to 139 and know your chart is been prepared or not by seeing the status of your Seat.