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PNR Status

Indian Railway or IRCTC PNR Status check was never so easy. Now all it requires is your PNR Number and one click. You can find your PNR number on the top left-hand corner of your ticket. No matter which state you have done your Indian Railway reservation you can check your Passenger Name Record Status Enquiry here, be it Southern Railway, Northern Railway, Western Railway, Eastern Railway, Central Railway, Konkan Railway, etc. You just need to enter your ten-digit PNR number in the Above box and click on the “Get PNR Status” button.

Have you ever faced issues while traveling in Indian railways because you couldn’t understand the meaning of your PNR status? It’s just not you, but many people don’t relate to the reports generated by the passenger name record Status page. In the past few years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of people who check their IRCTC PNR Status through their mobiles or the internet. While this is simplified the process of knowing the status of a train ticket, there are many people who are still not aware of the small details that say about the ticket status. Listed below are some abbreviations that tell you the precise status of your ticket. You can also see the image to know more about it.

Railway PNR Status Codes And Their Meaning

CAN/MOD: If you see this message on enquiry, it means your ticket has been canceled. It can be either due to your request or lack of confirmation. If you have canceled your ticket through the travel agent or via the Indian Railways site, the next moment you enquire about the ticket, you will find the status to be this. It simply means you don’t have a ticket to travel anymore.

CNF: This stands for confirmation. In case you find this status appearing on enquiry, you have a confirmed seat to travel. It is most likely that the coach and seat number will be given with it. In case, you can’t find the seat number, but only the CNF message, you need to get to the platform and inquire with the ticket collector or station master. Generally, the seat and coach number is offered after chart preparation.

CK: This refers to Tatkal booking. According to the current Indian railways procedure, you can book a tatkal ticket 24 hours prior to traveling. You will find the confirmed seat and coach number (if confirmed) with the symbol ‘CK’.

CKWL: This refers to any ticket that’s waiting under the tatkal booking. The difference between tatkal and general booking lies in the allotment of seats. When a Tatkal waiting is confirmed, you get a confirmed personal seat, whereas with general reservation, your ticket moves in the RAC category.

RAC: When your PNR Status inquiry shows RAC, it means you can travel with a co-passenger by sharing a single seat. It stands for reservation against cancellation. In case, any confirmed traveler cancels his ticket, you get his seat. You can even travel in AC coaches with a RAC ticket.

WL: This status means you are on the waiting list. Your ticket has not been confirmed for the given date. In case, you have a booked an e-ticket, it will be canceled automatically after the chart is prepared.

PQWL: This stands for Pooled Quota Wait List, which refers to the waiting ticket status when a ticket is booked through a railway quota.

GNWL: This refers to the general waiting list. You cannot travel without the ticket coming with CNF status. If booked from a station, you may travel in the general compartment in some cases.

REGRET/WL: This status stands for No More Booking Permitted. Ideally, this appears when you are booking your ticket.

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