14 thoughts on “IRCTC Login – IRCTC Registration – IRCTC Sign up and Login Page

  1. Peter John

    Some days back I got some email from similar looking IRCTC mail. They asked to enter my user name and password to prevent my irctc account. But I did not done this and will advice all of you to don’t do this. This will snatch your account and many other things will be done. Always make sure that this email is from IRCTC only. Make sure they have included https:/…. in their URL. All the email address must have only and @irctc.co.in in it. Adding anything additional to it for e.g @mailirctc.co.in or any thing will be a fraud ID. I hope this small tips may safe your IRCTC login and account. Happy journey.

  2. Ahmed

    Thanks for creating this tutorial for registering yourself with IRCTC. I think this will help many like mine to create account and get login with irctc.co.in.

  3. Arun

    To know how much tickets you have booked from IRCTC site, just login with your user name and password. Then click on booking history and it will ask for your password again. After entering your password you will find all your booking tickets out there. You can either check your PNR Status from PNR number mentioned, print your eticket or even cancel a ticket. You can also get a sms about your print ticket there.

  4. Sonu Jobs

    The message from IRCTC on your mobile or electronic ticket on your laptop or iPad will also be considered as ticket. You just need to carry a valid ID prof with it. This will save lots of paper and will save environment as well. Also you can book tickets 120 days in advance as it was 90 days before this.

    1. pnrstatus4u Post author

      Just click on “Forgot Password ?” on the login page itself and enter your email address, to get it in mail inbox.

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