We have seen many methods of checking Passenger Name Record (PNR Status), namely online, through phone numbers, lets see how we can check it through our mobile number while sending just an simple sms.

Send an SMS with the text PNR followed by your PNR number (without any spaces) to 139 For ex.: “PNR2525674587” to 139 and check PNR Status on mobile with ease.

Another way is to send an SMS which will be containing your PNR “10-digit PNR No.” and send it to 58888.

Another SMS service is : PNR “10-digit PNR No.” and send it to 54959.

Third one is : write IRPNR space [PNR number] and then send it to 57886.

Some of this services might be charged to some extend.

One more phone number is 9773300000. You can sms your PNR Number to this number and get the status. I doubt this service is still working. If you are trying and this service is working do share your experience with me.

Till then enjoy your journey.